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  UNITED SECURITY AND WATCHMAN AGENCY (USWA) INC. is a licensed and bonded Security Agency providing uniformed Security Guard services since 1955.

United Security and Watchman Agency, Inc. was established by ATTY. PACIFICO P. MIJARES as a family corporation in 1955. With few staff and meager resources, the agency set up its first office at Rubi Street, San Andres Bukid, Manila. Eventually, the office transferred to its present location at 633 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.
Initially, the clients of the agency were mostly Chinese stores and establishments in the Quiapo - Sta. Cruz area. With sheer hard work and determination, the clientele has expanded throughout Metro Manila and in some instances, to selected provinces and cities, caters to different clients such as bookstores, bank, pawnshops, school, cinemas, factories, etc..

The company was formed by principals led by the late ATTY. PACIFICO P. MIJARES, a law practitioner who envisioned an agency / organization that excels in providing security services to the company client/s and to answer the strong call to professionalize the security industry.

Has the potential to generate substantial capital and revenues to support its operational costs.

The agency addresses human resources management, employment opportunities and tax contribution to the government. This is well in line with the government’s aim for creation of employment opportunities.

The agency is primarily engaged in providing professional security services for interested client/s. The agency will answer the requirements and needs of client/s by providing licensed, qualified, trained and responsible security guards and personnel through plans that institute security measures, policies and procedures compatible to the objectives of the company client/s upon consultation/s to insure full protection of lives and properties, company clients installation, equipment, facilities and its interest from felonies, fires and other calamities.

United Security and Watchman Agency, Inc. provides duly licensed firearms to the posted security guards. Hand set radios and cell phones are utilized for quick and easy communication from post to post for situational and constant monitoring. Motorized vehicle/s is used in daily roving inspection.

USWA personnel are highly trained individuals capable of handling all the needs of the security guards and clients.

United Security and Watchman Agency, Inc., caters to all security needs of company/ies in Metro Manila and sub-urban towns and cities. At present, the demand for highly trained security guards and credible security agency is a must due to the increasing rate of criminality around.

Before, there were very few security agencies that provide a rigid & thorough training program for security guards. Some agencies recruit neophyte personnel and provide inadequate training on the basic duties and responsibilities of the security guards. There is no in-depth orientation / training on areas that are complementary to the job. UNITED SECURITY AND WATCHMAN AGENCY, INC. is dedicated in providing a comprehensive training program through its coordination with training schools duly accredited by SAGSD (Security Agencies & Guards Supervision Division) to ensure that all the requirements for a responsible security guard are met.

The agency also takes pride in its recognition as one of the Top Ten Security Agencies all over the Philippines awarded by the PNP-SOSIA on the year 1997. As of now, the agency is handling more than 350 security/ lady guards.

At present the following qualified personnel manage the agency:
  2. BRIG. GEN. RODRIGO M. ORDOYO ( Ret.) - Consultant
  3. MR. LEW S. LEVERIZA - Business Development Manager
  4. MR. ROGELIO S. SALVILLA - Operations Manager
  5. MR. ELVIN PANESALES - Personnel and Training Manager
  6. MR. MICHAEL L. MIJARES- Marketing/ Sales Manager
  7. MR. LAMBERTO S. SOLIGUEN - Liaison Officer
  8. MR. ROLANDO BASCO - Inspector / Over-all Guard Supervisor
  9. MRS. MINDA CAMPOS - Accounting
  10. MS. NELIA MIJARES - Paymaster
  11. MRS. EDNA LAT - Finance

Continuous upgrading of professionalized security services to the client.

Our vision is to be the premier security service provider in the Philippines.

Our firm exists to provide trained, qualified, licensed security personnel to protect persons and properties against theft, pilferage and other unlawful acts.

We will distinguish our agency from others where the working environment is characterized by trust and respect for each individual fostering good and honest communications at each level.

We are committed to provide our clients with the highest quality of service possible characterized by responsiveness, integrity and professionalism. We will continually strive for quality improvement.

We owe our clients our full commitment and dedication. We will work diligently toward maximizing the client’s profitability and long term success by providing security personnel that are all well trained.

We owe ourselves personal and professional growth. We will seek greater challenges and strive to remain on the leading edge of our professions. We expect to change and continually self renew.

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